PARO History

    In 2002, the Pan – American Regional Office (PARO) was established to unify Canada, North, and South America in IPSF’s vision. Pharmacy students from these countries have been involved in IPSF since its formation.

    • 1959: Glen Moir from Canada was appointed as IPSF president
    • 1973: The first student from Latin America, Carlos J. Lopez, attended the 19th IPSF World Congress in Paris France and was appointed an IPSF Commissioner for Latin American Region.
    • 1977: Mexico City, Mexico hosted the 23rd World Congress
    • 1986: Panama City, Panama hosted the 32rd World Congress
    • 1989: Philadelphia, USA hosted the 35th World Congress
    • 1989: Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science, The school of Pharmacy implemented the first the Patient Counseling Event (PCE)
    • 1989: Eric Anderson from USA was appointed as IPSF president
    • 1994: Tegucigalpa, Honduras also known as “The Coke and Pina Colada Congress” hosted the 40th World Congress
    • 1997: Vancouver, Canada hosted the 53rd World Congress
    • 1999: The first Clinical Skills Event (CSA) concept developed by the American Society of Health Systems Pharmacists (ASHP)
    • 2000: San Salvador, El Salvador hosted the 46th World Congress
    • 2001: Leonard Plain from USA was appointed as IPSF president
    • 2002: The first Pan American Regional Symposium (PARS) hosted in Fort Lauderdale
    • 2003: The second PARS hosted in Cuernavaca, Mexico
    • 2004: Halifax, Canada hosted the 50th World Congress with the third PARS hosted in Panama City, Panama
    • 2005: The fourth PARS hosted in Kingston, Jamaica
    • 2006: The fifth PARS hosted in Equito, Ecuador
    • 2007: The sixth PARS hosted in San Jose, Costa Rica
    • 2008: The seventh PARS hosted in Cuernavaca, Mexico

    After 2008, PARO became inactive due to unfortunate circumstances. But in 2011, PARO was re-activated by Van Duong, Jane Kim, Dayl Eccles, Allison Lai, and Vicki Lau from the USA.  Since 2011, we now count 4 full members and 4 members in association.

    A new event, the 2013 Pharmaceutical Tour hosted in Colombia, through the Asociación Colombiana de Estudiantes de Química Farmacéutica (ACEQF) was also created for our IPSF PARO members.

    • 2014: The eighth PARS hosted in Araraquara, Brazil
    • 2015: The ninth PARS hosted in San Luis, Argentina
    • 2016: The 10th PARS hosted in Barranquilla, Colombia

    PARO is devoted to promoting communication and membership in IPSF among the nations of the Pan-American Region by dissemination information about various IPSF-PARO programs and events taking place in our beloved region as well as around the globe.