Regional Working Group

The Pan American Regional Office is managed by the Regional Working Group (RWG).

2016-2017 Pan-American Regional Office Executive Board

Chairperson of the Pan American Regional Group, Ms. Jessica Rodiles
Association: APhA-ASP (USA)
School: University of Florida College of Pharmacy
Year: Fourth year

“I was introduced to IPSF my first year of pharmacy school through my school’s Global Health Outreach Trips. That year, I was able to attend 60th World Congress in Porto, Portugal where I learned more about PARO and the organization. Since then, I have attended 9th PARS in San Luis (Argentina), 10th PARS in Barranquilla (Colombia), and last year I served as the Regional Project Officer. This year I’m honored to work with the Regional Working group to see PARO grow.”

Secretary, Mr. Matthew Hung
Association: CAPSI (Canada)
School: Université Laval
Year: Third year

“My involvement within IPSF began last year as I held several subcommittee positions, and subsequently the position of RMPO within PARO, and as I attended the 69th World Health Assembly. This year, my main tasks as Secretary are to ensure the smooth operation of the Regional Working Group and assist my fellow Regional Officer colleagues in their duties. I’d be more than happy to share my passion for IPSF, which as restless as my adoration for ice cream, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! See you in Ottawa! Viva la pharmacie!”

Regional Media and Publications Officer, Ms. Tiffany Lee
Association: APhA-ASP (USA)
School: Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy
Year: Third year

“I was first introduced to IPSF through participating in the Student Exchange Program in Taiwan, and I had so much fun meeting international students and learning about pharmacy in other countries. Since then, I have been absorbed in the IPSF spirit, and I became involved with the Public Health and Media and Publications subcommittees. Now as the RMPO for PARO, I work on developing publication materials and finding creative ways to help promote our regional office and projects. I have absolutely loved all of my experiences with IPSF so far, so feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!”

Regional Relations Officer, Mr. Diego Funes
Association: AEFRA (Argentina)
School: Universidad Nacional de San Luis
Year: Practicing pharmacist (graduated 2016)

“I started pharmacy school in 2009 and graduated as a pharmacist in 2016. I have worked in AEFRA since its foundation, first as Secretary of Academic Affairs & Professional Development, then as President for the 2014 year. In addition, I was part of the Reception Committee for the 9th PARS in San Luis, Argentina, and I was PARO Regional Relations Officer for 2015-2016. I also attended the 10th PARS in Barranquilla, Colombia and the 62nd IPSF WC in Zimbabwe. Nowadays, I am studying for a postgraduate degree in International Health in Màlaga, Spain.”

Regional Projects Officer, Mr. Martín Ramírez Beirute
Association: FECOEF (Costa Rica)
School: Universidad de Ciencias Médicas
Year: Fourth year

“I enrolled in my student association of IPSF at my university beginning in my first semester. While in it, I wanted to make it greater by reactivating FECOEF and helping it grow to other universities. I attended 10th PARS in Barranquilla, Colombia, and I decided there I wanted to join this huge family of fellow students named IPSF. I was honored to be elected by the RA (Regional Assembly) as Regional Projects Officer. My goal is to have PARO’s and IPSF’s projects become a part of every member association’s activities from now on. Viva la Pharmacie!”

Chairperson of the 11th Pan American Regional Symposium, Ms. Cassandra Woit
Association: CAPSI (Canada)
School: University of Alberta
Year: Practicing pharmacist (graduated 2016)

“I recently graduated from the four year pharmacy program from the University of Alberta in 2016. I got involved with IPSF in 2014 when I was elected as the IPSF Liaison on the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns (CAPSI) National Executive Council. This was a two-year term, the first acting as the Contact Person for Canada and the second acting as Student Exchange Officer. During this time I attended three World Congresses acting as Official Delegate in the General Assembly (2014-2016), the 10th PARS in Argentina in 2015, and the FIP World Congress in 2015. I love how IPSF brings together pharmacy students from across the world, which is what drove me to submit a bid for Canada to host the 11th PARS in 2017. I am so excited to host PARO members in Canada’s capital in 2017 and to meet more members from the Pan American region!”