IPSF Pan American Regional Office
    Regional Working Group 2017-18

    The Regional Working Group Officers and Chairperson are mandated to direct the Regional Office following their election by the Pan American Regional Assembly and by the General Assembly respectively.

    Mr. Matthew Hung
    Chairperson of the Pan American Regional Office
    Association: CAPSI, Canada

    "Hi, I'm Matt! I'm from Montreal, Canada, and I'm currently in my last year of pharmacy school. This year is going to be a great one for PARO—we’ve got a motivated team, concrete objectives, and a progressive vision for the region! Don’t hesitate to get involved in the projects and events we have planned. We’ll see each other in Peru and Argentina! Nos vemos!"

    Mr. Alfredo La Red Soto
    Association: FECOEF, Costa Rica
    "I am 26 year old, from Puntarenas a small coastal city in the Pacific. I studied in the University of Costa Rica, where I graduated last year. I was the Contact Person of FECOEF since 2015 until 2017, and I participated in the 10th PARS in Barranquilla, Colombia and in the 11th PARS in Mexico City, Mexico. I also hosted SEP students during 2015-16. My goal for this year is to help in having a united America through pharmacy."
    Ms. Leah Osae
    Regional Media and Publications Officer
    Association: APhA-ASP, USA
    "¡Hola a todos! My name is Leah Osae, and I am currently a third-year PharmD student at the UNC-CH Eshelman School of Pharmacy. I began my IPSF journey as a member of the Pharmacy Education committee during the 2016-17 year. This mandate, I hope to bring a creative spark to PARO and to take our media presence to new heights!"
    Mr. J. Martín Ramírez Beirute
    Regional Relations Officer
    Association: FECOEF, Costa Rica
    "My name is Martin, I'm from Costa Rica and I'm currently finishing my Pharmacy degree. I started my university life being part of my school's student association, there I knew many people and knew about a national students' federation that once existed. Along with students from other universities, we reactivated that national students' federation name FECOEF, and we managed to set up a group of students to create a Board of Directors and start doing activities for FECOEF. Later on, I started to get involved in IPSF by going to the 10th PARS in Barranquilla, Colombia. There I knew lots of people and got very enthusiastic about what they did. I decided to run for Regional Projects Officer and got elected. As my mandate came to an end, I wanted to continue doing this for IPSF and PARO, and that is why I became Regional Relations Officer. As RRO, I want to show to other students what being part of IPSF means and how it can make you a better professional and person.
    Mr. Austin L. Green
    Regional Projects Officer
    Association: APhA-ASP, USA

    "Hello, my name is Austin Green, I am originally from Midland, Texas, USA, and I am a third-year PharmD/MPH student at The University of Texas at Austin. My first year as a student pharmacist, I worked to bring IPSF initiatives to my College of Pharmacy and this past year, I served on the Public Health Committee for IPSF. As Regional Projects Officer for PARO, I hope to ensure quality educational materials about pharmacy practice, public health, and humanitarian efforts are distributed to our members. Furthermore, I look forward to assisting in the creation of successful professional development events and conferences, such as Trainers Development Camp and the Pan American Regional Symposium."

    Mr. Yoel Alcántara Gutierrez
    Chairperson of the 12th Pan American Regional Symposium
    Association: ACEF, Peru

    "I'm from Trujillo, Peru. Participating in the 10th PARS (Barranquilla-Colombia) and 11th PARS (Mexico), this motivated me to propose the 12th PARS in Peru. It will be the first IPSF event in Peru, we are working together with the RWG and the Reception Committee to make this event great and to take a little of my beautiful Country in their hearts. See you in Trujillo for PARS and in Mendoza for the WC. Viva la Pharmacie!"

    Ms. Jessica Rodiles Nin
    Immediate Past Chairperson of the Pan American Regional Office
    Association: Individual Member, USA
    "I'm looking forward to working within the Pan American Regional Office
    and promoting the pharmaceutical profession. Viva la pharmacie!"