IPSF Pan American Regional Office

    Subcommittees 2017-18

    Media and Publications Subcommittee

    Ms. Sandra Nattier
    Association: ACEF, Peru

    "Qué tengan un hermoso día todos, mi nombre es Sandra Nattier, pertenezco a la ACEF, Perú. En esta oportunidad he sido elegida para colaborar con IPSF en el subcomité. Estoy contenta de pertenecer al subcomité de publicidad. El trabajo que me espera es arduo y espero estar a la altura con los conocimientos de programas de edición además de aprender muchas cosas con la ayuda de toda la familia de IPSF. Mis mejores deseos de éxito para todos los miembros de comité y subcomités. iViva la pharmacie!"

    Mr. Vraj Patel
    Association: APhA-ASP, USA

    "My name is Vraj Patel, and I am a first year student at Eshelman School of Pharmacy at UNC Chapel Hill. I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and now live in Raleigh, North Carolina. As for IPSF, this is my first year partaking in it, and I'm very excited for the different projects and new people I get to meet. In the coming year, I hope to learn more about IPSF and everything it has to offer. I also hope to further get globally engaged as well as help my university do the same."

    Jenny Tatiana Rodriguez Venegas
    Association: ACEQF, Colombia

    "¡Hola a todos! Soy Jenny Tatiana Rodriguez Venegas, estudiante de química farmacéutica de último año en la Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Tengo 23 años y mi historia con IPSF empezó hace tres años con la ACEQF que es la asociación de estudiantes colombianos adscrita a IPSF. Fui Coordinadora de Voluntariado y de Comunicaciones de Bogotá y coordinadora de comunicaciones nacional. He participado de programas de intercambio entre asociaciones y en el 11th PARS en el último fue donde decidí ser parte de algo más grande y contribuir a una escala mayor. Para e este año espero que IPSF tema mayor reconocimiento en mi país y en América."

    Membership Promotion Subcommittee

    Ms. Esmeralda Sandra Condori Caira
    Association: APEFYB, Peru

    "Mi nombre es Esmeralda. Soy de Lima, Perú y miembro de la Asociación Peruana de Estudiantes de Farmacia y Bioquímica (APEFYB). Estudio en la Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM) y soy estudiante de tercer año de la carrera de Farmacia y Bioquímica. He participado en las diferentes campañas de Salud Pública organizadas por IPSF, como la Vampire Cup donde mi asociación trabajó en conjunto con Standing Committee on Public Health (SCOPH-UNMSM) y quedamos en primer puesto en Live Vampire Cup. En este subcomité espero aprender más de IPSF y de PARO para así poder ayudar a que PARO crezca y se consolide para que sigamos creciendo como futuros Farmacéuticos. Este año de trabajo junto a PARO y diferentes subcomités espero llegar a eso, a consolidar las asociaciones que ya son miembros de IPSF y que pertenecen a PARO, promover más la comunicación entre las diferentes asociaciones y que crezcamos como región y que las demás asociaciones que aún no están afiliadas se unan a esta hermosa familia. Vive la Pharmacie! Vive Paro!"

    Mr. Manuel Stiven Gómez Muñoz
    Association: ACEQF, Colombia

    "My name is Stiven Gomez. I’m from Medellin, Colombia and currently I’m a last year of Pharmacy in University of Antioquia. This is my second time in the Membership Promotion Subcommittee, and I’m very happy to continue helping in the growth of PARO. I hope we can expand the message and joy of IPSF throughout the continent so that in the future we will be a region with more associations. With a hug I send you my greatest appreciations and to IPSF to IPSF, viva la Pharmacie!"

    Mr. Edwin Daniel Rivera Sánchez
    Association: AGEQF-BO, El Salvador

    "My name is Daniel Rivera. I'm from El Salvador and recently graduated in 2017 from the National University of El Salvador with a Chemistry and Pharmacy bachelor's degree. My journey in IPSF began in 2016 at the 10th IPSF Pan American Regional Symposium in Barranquilla Colombia. I am so happy to be part of the subcommittee and I hope we help new associations become part of the PARO family."

    Ms. Daniela Salazar Serrano

    Association: ACEQF, Colombia
    "My name is Daniela, and I'm from Barranquilla, Colombia. I currently live in Medellin and am in my fourth year of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at CES University. I’ve been a member of ACEQF since 2015 working for the association as the headquarters coordinator of my university. I’m excited to be working in the Membership Promotion subcommittee to spread the IPSF spirit to students across the region. Viva la pharmacie!"

    Regional Projects Sub-Coordinators

    Ms. Vineeta Rao
    Public Health Sub-coordinator
    Association: APhA-ASP, USA

    "I am a third year student pharmacist at Cedarville University, Ohio, USA. In the past I have served as my APhA-ASP chapter's IPSF liaison in which I was able to plan events celebrating cultural diversity and serve as the Local Exchange Officer for our chapter. I have loved the chance to connect with student pharmacists around the world through IPSF! In the coming year, I hope to encourage student pharmacists in the PARO region to come up with creative ways to meet the specific public health education needs of their community."

    Ms. Sheena Patel
    Humanitarian Sub-coordinator
    Association: Individual Member, USA

    "My name is Sheena Patel and I am the PARO Humanitarian Sub-coordinator. I have been actively involved in IPSF for about seven years now from my involvement at Wilkes University (graduated in 2014) to the international level as Chairperson of Public Health. I am now a community pharmacist with CVS Health and hope to work with all of the PARO members in implementing many IPSF initiated Humanitarian Projects."

    Ms. Jiyeon Ara Kim
    Professional Development Sub-coordinator
    Association: APhA-ASP, USA

    "Hello! My name is Jiyeon Ara Kim. I am completing a Pharm.D. degree at Pacific University Oregon in the USA. My passions are fitness, sports, traveling, and pharmacy of course! Pharmacy can be a great profession, and pharmacists have the ability to improve the quality of life for the patients. For my role, I look forward to sharing with the PARO region information about pharmacists as the medication experts who can be found practicing in nearly all areas and specialties in healthcare."

    Ms. Seojung Kang
    Pharmacy Education Sub-coordinator
    Association: APhA-ASP, USA

    "My name is Seojung Kang, and I'm currently in my second year of a Pharm.D, program at University of Minnesota Twin Cities in Minneapolis, USA. I was born in Seoul, South Korea, and have always had an interest in global pharmacy, so joining IPSF fit in with my personal career goals perfectly as I believe it gives me a glimpse into how pharmacists can incorporate themselves into global health. I am currently an International Vice President for my IPSF chapter as well. I'm excited to help develop and improve more ways for pharmacy students to have a global experience in their pharmacy education!"

    Translations and Communications Subcommittee

    Ms. Sandra Ivonne Irkñampa Gallardo
    Association: APEFYB, Peru

    "My name is Sandra Ivonne Irkñampa Gallardo. I'm from Perú and I'm 23 years old. I'm studying Pharmacy and Biochemistry at San Marcos University; this is my best achievement, and I don't have any regrets for all the work that I had to study there. The expectation that I have for the IPSF is that the translations that are made in the subcommittee serve to incentivize the different events and programs that the IPSF performs. To me, it's an honor to belong to this organization."

    Mr. Jonathan Nazari
    Association: APhA-ASP, USA

    "My name is Jon Nazari, and I am third year Pharm.D. student in the United States at the University of Illinois at Chicago. I was born and raised in Chicago but have always had an interest in exploring the world around me. I joined my school's local chapter of IPSF two years ago and helped organize projects and activities for our chapter. This past summer, I attended the World Congress in Taipei, Taiwan and I had a chance to learn a lot more about IPSF on the international level. I decided to join the Translations Subcommittee so that I could be more involved with IPSF, assist our PARO member associations, and keep practicing my Spanish!"

    Mr. Franco Exequiel Rizo
    Association: AEFRA, Argentina

    "I'm Franco Rizo from Argentina. I'm the current Treasurer of AEFRA and graduated from pharmacy school two years ago. I graduated in Biochemistry and Biogenetics and am currently pursuing my studies in Law. This is my second year working within IPSF PARO as a part of Translations subcommittee, and I appreciate this opportunity to work with this amazing team again."

    Mr. Juan Edgar Mora Barilla
    Association: FECOEF, Costa Rica

    "Hi! My name is Juan, and I am a 24 years old pharmacist who is apart of FECOEF. I love to learn new languages and to discover new cultures."

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