1º Jornadas de AEFRA Regional Chaco


The 1º Jornadas de AEFRA Regional Chaco happened one month ago in Chaco, Argentina. At this conference, pharmacy students of AEFRA organized an activity over two days that had 180 people attending. The topic of the conference was narcotic trafficking and drugs. AEFRA also organized two social events to improve the ties between all the participants.


I had the opportunity to personally offer one workshop about “Team Work,” as well as one conference providing information about IPSF and specifically our activities in PARO such as our public health campaigns and the Pan American Regional Symposium. I showed the participants pictures of the past activities of the Federation like the last World Congress in Utrecht and the LIT Program.


It was an unforgettable experience because AEFRA Regional Chaco is still so young and it was great to see how the organizers did such great work. They all have good potential as leaders and they know the way to organize great events. AEFRA is growing, and as AEFRA grows so will IPSF in Argentina.


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