Healthy Living Campaign (English)


Hello Everyone!

The Healthy Living campaign is a subpart of the IPSF Diabetes and Healthy Living Campaign. It aims to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle in the prevention and care of diabetes by encouraging pro-active rather than reactive health promotion. The campaign also includes training and motivating pharmacy students to move towards multi-disciplinary collaboration in planning events and campaigns while bringing awareness to a globally significant issue. This year, the IPSF PARO Healthy Living Campaign will be focused on children, and the theme of the campaign is Healthy Kids for a Healthier Future.

We have developed some informative materials centered on 3 main topics:

  • Hand washing
  • Oral Health for Kids
  • Healthy Diet for Kids

We encourage you all to utilize these materials to spread awareness and advocate for this campaign around your communities, and create Healthy Kids for a Healthier Future!


Ifeoma Ibe

2014-2015 PARO Diabetes and Healthy Living Sub-Coordinator

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