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John Hopkins Program:

Global Tobacco Control for Healthcare Professionals


As a pharmacist, it is important to help patients to have a better quality of life and guide them to have a healthy-living. One way to help patients is to assist on quit smoking by truly understanding the influence of tobacco on an international level. Dr. Awopegba, a Research Associate at the Institute for Global Tobacco Control, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has developed a special online course on global tobacco control for healthcare professionals. This course, titled “Learning from the Experts: A course for healthcare professionals”, is offered online and is completely free.

All participants who complete this short course will also get a certificate of completion from the Johns Hopkins University. The goal of this program is to reach every Pharmacy student and Pharmacists in the Pan American region through a number of organizations like the Pan American division of the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation.

The program is in multiple languages and the one specifically for healthcare professionals contains 5 modules and the last module addresses the role of health care professionals.

I encourage everyone to go to the website: In order for you to help the patient is to first understand the patient. This course prepares the pharmacist to better understand the seriousness of smoking and how it is affecting individual lives.

Grace Chun
PARO Secretary 2013-14



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