Competitions and Awards

  • PARS Grant


  • Research Award


The Research Award is an event where PARSticipants can present the results of their researches, in oral or poster mode, to the other assistants and a group of professional pharmacists, who will be judges of the competition and be responsible of evaluate each part of the presented projects, in order to choose the person with the highest score in each mode; these person will be awarded during the closing ceremony of the event. In addition, the winner will have the opportunity to publish the summary in a scientific publication. 11

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  • Patient Counseling Event (PCE) and Clinical Skills Event (CSE)


  • 10Attention IPSF Members! PARS 2016 will host their FIRST Regional Patient Counseling Event (PCE) and Clinical Skills Event (CSE)

Providing pharmaceutical care entails accepting responsibility for patients’ pharmacotherapeutic outcomes. Pharmacists can contribute to positive outcomes by educating and counseling patients to prepare and motivate them to follow their pharmacotherapeutic regimens and monitoring plans. The goal of the PCE competition is to advance the communication skills of student pharmacists and encourage them in their efforts towards becoming better patient educators.

The CSE competition is an interactive, individual analysis of clinical scenarios for students interested in hospital pharmacy. The competition is not designed to test knowledge, but to evaluate ability to apply knowledge in these areas in solving drug therapy problems. It provides pharmacy students the opportunity to enhance their skills in collaborative practice with physicians in providing direct patient care. 

 Participating in the either competitions should be considered a learning experience and open to students in all years of pharmacy school. Be part of PARO history and see you in Barranquilla this summer.

  • Public Health Campaign Competition

It is a contest where pharmacy students associations around the world will have the opportunity to design a public health campaign with pharmacy students as main personnel. The campaign’s target audience should focus the surrounding communities, and the theme should be a current health issue in each country, accompanied with sources to justify its prevalence. Associations will present their campaign during the 10th PARS in Barranquilla, Colombia, and the winner will be announced during Gala Night.

  • Miss PARS 2016

Each delegation in the 10th IPSF PARS will elect a woman to represent her country at the contest of beauty and talent:  “Miss PARS 2016”. The girls will be tested to measure their skills and love for the pharmacy and the winner will be announced during Gala Night.