Social Events

From the social events committee, it seeks to create recreational areas, where fun and integrating all go PARSticipantes linked to multiculturalism and sharing of experiences. The following events will take place:

  • Welcome Cocktail: A subtle but very important event. 10th marks the beginning of PARS, which will provide for the next six (6) days, new experiences with people from other countries and cultures
  • International Night: Each country gives a taste of its roots, festivals and customs, and shares the PARSticipantes of different origins. The best way to integrate as professionals and people in a context of full inclusion.
  • Party Carnavalera: As host of the Carnival of Barranquilla, much to offer foreign visitors. Culture and folklore are the hallmark leave the city in all PARSticipantes
  • White Party: In the sea, the landscape of Puerto Colombia and the splendor of the moon reflected in garments of white color,will be an unforgettable party with all the nostalgic spirit of the nights of the Colombian Caribbean.
  • Gala Dinner: The finishing touch that offers 10th’PARS PARSticipantes. An elegant event to share and strengthen the friendships made and new experiences

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