Public Health Initiatives

    Every region witihin IPSF has a different health focus due to the different demands of each area. PARO encompasses many different countries and, as such, has many possible projects fo work one. We encourage our association to take part in any health initiative that might be of their interest but as a Regional Office, we have two official campaigns (subdivided into three). See our Mind Map below to check how are projects are divided. To get more information on each topic, click on the Mind Map on the project that interests you the most.

    All the information available here is for sharing and educating our patients and fellow students so feel free to use this information in you campaigns and share you success with us at the PARO Blog at

    IPSF, as a whole, has 9 health campaigns. You can see more about the campaigns within IPSF by clicking here.

    IPSF PARO Creative Diabetes Campaign

    “A campaign can be informative, simple and creative. You should do one too.”

    The IPSF PARO Creative Diabetes Campaign is a new project of the Pan American Regional Office on Diabetes open for all pharmaceutical students from the IPSF Pan American Region.

    In order to participate you need to:

    • Develop a creative campaign on Diabetes;
    • Send the report using the Project Accreditation System (information below).

    The best campaign will win a Trophy at the 8th IPSF Pan American Regional Symposium and a discount of 25 euros for each participant of the project. We will consider the impact and creativity of each project submitted. The number of people reacher or the number of IPSF members that participated will not be considered as part of the criteria for winning this prize. You can submit any project that you have run this year, starting from August 1st, 2013 until July 1st, 2014.

    Any questions, please address to or

    Activity Report:

    Project Accreditation System Guidelines: