2016-2017 Pan American Regional Office Subcommittees

Media and Promotional Subcommittee

Ms. Ke Ting Annie Liu
APhA-ASP, USA, University of Texas at Austin

“Growing up in the USA, I have always appreciated the diversity of cultures and perspectives around me. Upon entering pharmacy school, I knew that I would be entering a profession that supports innovation and creativity. Through my involvement with APhA-ASP (USA), I learned about the initiatives that IPSF-PARO tirelessly champion, and I was impressed by the potential that PARO holds. In this increasingly globalized world, I think the key to ensuring quality healthcare is proactive collaboration across health professions and across country lines, and I am excited to work with my counterparts from other countries to overcome current barriers, to advance our profession and to improve healthcare worldwide.”

Ms. Heeyeon Erica Shin
APhA-ASP, USA, St. Louis College of Pharmacy

“I’m originally from Korea and I came to the States during sophomore year of high school. I then came to St. Louis College of Pharmacy and got involved with APhA-ASP and IPSF at the same time. I loved connecting with student pharmacists all around the globe so I decided to get involved with the Media and Promotional subcommittee! I’m very excited for this year!”

Ms. Hannah Yang
APhA-ASP, USA, Touro University California

“Being bicultural is one of the best qualities that I have. I speak two different languages, Korean and English, eat various cultural foods, and appreciate other cultures. Understanding the merits of alternative perspectives, I always have interested in pursuing international opportunities. Also, my empathy for the unjust health disparities in the developing countries and ambition to raise an awareness of global issues have inspired me to become a part of IPSF. It is my wish to reduce the gap in the unequal distribution of healthcare service by raising our voice and informing others that health is a basic human right for all. Thus, I am going to utilize every available resource and my qualities to carry out IPSF’s mission and achieve my personal goal.”

Membership Promotion Subcommittee

Mr. Ivan Joaqín García
AEFRA, Argentina, Universidad Nacional del Chaco Austral

“This is my first time in the promotion subcommittee and I am so excited to be a part of IPSF. I hope to contribute to the growth of this wonderful federation that represents pharmacy students around the world.”

Mr. Manuel Stiven Gómez Muñoz
ACEQF, Colombia, University of Antioquia

“My desire to be part of IPSF-PARO is to help grow the federation in the American region and unite pharmacy students to strengthen each other and also to the IPSF.”

Mr. Harim Ernesto Gonzalez Pech
TOFARMEX, Mexico, Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla

“I was involved in IPSF for the Vive la Pharmacie Group in Ciudad de México in January 2016. This allowed me to meet Carlos Juarez and other great people, like the Chairpersons of the 35th and 46th World Congress (Salvador and Panama), who worked together to create the ISPF Pan-American Regional Office. I was able to better understand IPSF and PARO, and along with other students, I was motivated to help TOFARMEX (Mexico) become an IPSF association. We were recently accepted into IPSF at the 62nd World Congress in Zimbabwe, and I have fallen in love with IPSF. Now, I want to do to the best to help all the countries on this beautiful continent who would like to be a part of IPSF.”

Mr. Néstor Mauricio Mejía Serrano
AGEQF-BO, El Salvador, University of El Salvador

“I am motivated to participate in IPSF-PARO because it is an opportunity of great growth for pharmaceutical students in our region, allowing us to promote health from a pharmaceutical point of view. It also allows for me to meet new friends, new cultures, and help with new projects that can train professionals to be quality leaders in the workplace. My objective this year is to help non-IPSF member countries achieve membership. Viva la pharmacie!”

Public Health Project Sub-Coordinators

Public Health Series: Ms. Mary Nwokedi
APhA-ASP, USA, Howard University College of Pharmacy

“I am the International Vice President of Howard’s APhA-ASP. With that position, I was exposed to the work of IPSF. After researching and communicating with active subcommittee members, I really fell in love with the concept of global organizations rallying students around the world for our common public health causes specific to pharmacy. Therefore I applied to IPSF PARO and I am very excited to work this group!”

Diabetes Mellitus & Healthy Living: Ms. Yvonne Zhang
APhA-ASP, USA, Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy

“I have always had a passion for public health which lead to my initial involvement with IPSF. Since then, I have been involved with my school’s international committee and served as a Local Exchange Officer for two summers. This is my first involvement with PARO and I am very excited to contribute to this international cause on more global scale.”

Vampire Cup: Ms. Janhavi Punyarthi
APhA-ASP, USA, Mercer University College of Pharmacy

“International expansion and a love for global medicine has always been one of my passions. I became involved with IPSF during my first year in pharmacy school by serving as the external relations coordinator for the IPSF committee, a part of Mercer’s APhA-ASP Chapter. Through my mentors and other committee members I learned about the SEP Program. I applied and was selected to work abroad in a community pharmacy in Rochefort, France! It was an unforgettable learning experience. I met amazing people, created long-lasting memories, and had the summer of a lifetime! Prior to my second year, I was selected as the International Vice President for APhA-ASP, and as the Local Exchange Officer of Atlanta, I hosted two Slovenian students this summer. I hope to attend World Congress and PARS 2017 this upcoming summer!”

Translation Subcommittee

Mr. Franco Exequiel Rizo
AEFRA, Argentina, graduated from National University of La Rioja

“I enrolled in pharmacy school in 2009 and I have worked in my association for 2 consecutive years (2014-2016) as Public Health Secretary. Now, I’m the Treasurer in AEFRA. I was coordinator of the Argentinian Delegation in the Public Health Competition in the 10th PARS in Colombia and I worked in different IPSF campaigns during 2015-2016. I want to continue to contribute to this international mission and this team of student pharmacists. I plan to attend the 11th PARS and World Congress this upcoming year.”

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