World Health Day – Sodium

Hypertension or high blood pressure is responsible for approximately half of cardiovascular disease-related deaths each year. 9.4 million individuals lose their lives due to complications of hypertension each year.
Its incidence around the world have caused experts to define hypertension as a prevailing global health issue. The increasing prevalence of the disease around the world also means increasing costs for patient care and treatment. In many countries, for than half of expenditure towards the treatment of noncommunicable diseases are dedicated to cardiovascular diseases.

Pharmacy professionals are essential allies in spearheading the combat against the growing incidence of hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Let’s continue accompanying patients in their antihypertensive treatment. Let’s reaffirm the importance of reducing salt intake and maintaining a healthy diet, balanced in fat and sugar. Let’s recall the impacts of tobacco use and overconsumption of alcohol. Let’s emphasize regular physical activity.

Let’s contribute to decreasing the incidence of hypertension.

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Sodium WHD 2016 EN

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