IPSF Pan American Regional Office

Subcommittees 2019-20

Media and Publications Subcommittee
Ms. Hannah Davis

Association: APhA, USA

“My name is Hannah Davis, and I’m in my second year of studies at the University of Florida College of Pharmacy in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. I don’t have a lot of experience with IPSF yet but I did a pharmacy study abroad program in May of 2019 that really piqued my interest in developing more connections with pharmacy students around the world. I also think we have a wonderful opportunity to be advocates for this profession on a global scale.  I look forward to working with all of the IPSF subcommittee members and getting to learn from fellow students around the world!

Mr. Greivin Vega Álvarez
Association: FECOEF, Costa Rica

“Hello, my name is Greivin Vega Álvarez, currently i am the president of FECOEF, Costa Rica. I course my third year in the Faculty of Pharmacy in the University of Costa Rica (UCR). I love graphic design, and thats why i belong to the media and publications subcommittee of PARO. I was part of the oficial delegates of PARO/IPSF in the PARS 2019, Costa Rica. I think that IPSF is an unique and beautiful organization where we can grow as a pharmacy student, as a professional and as a person. I really want to contribute to the grow of the IPSF structure as much as i can. I also love the marine biology, specially sharks! 🙂 Viva le Pharmacie.”

Mr. Mauricio Abel Miranda Chavarría
Association: FECOEF, Costa Rica

“Hello everyone, my name is Mauricio Abel Miranda, I am from Costa Rica, I am currently in my second year of career, I have been very interested in the organization of IPSF and PARO, since these student organizations promote progress, education and the growth of student communities throughout the Pan American region, I am very motivated to collaborate with the new objectives, goals and projects that I have planned for the next decade, the future is in our hands, there are many challenges and duties to fulfill, I’m sure we will all achieve our dreams”

Ms. Melody Suon
Association: CAPSI, Canada

“Hello! My name is Melody Suon and I am currently going through my second year of PharmD at the University of Alberta. This is my first go in regards to IPSF work! IPSF is something that I believe can help shape us into the professionals we aspire to be, and I am extremely excited to be a part of this federation. I will be working for the Media and Publications Subcommittee and am looking forward to bringing some fun and flair into the role! Let’s inspire as well as be inspired!”

Ms. Nicole Savant
Association: APhA-ASP, USA

“Hello, my name is Nicole Savant and I am a third year Doctor of Pharmacy student at St. Louis College of Pharmacy in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. I was exposed to the activities of IPSF through my association with IPSF students at the recent FIP World Congress in Abu Dhabi. After meeting with the students and seeing how engaged they were, I decided that I wanted to find a way to be involved with the organization, specifically in the Pan American Region. I am very excited to be a part of the IPSF-PARO Media and Publications subcommittee and I look forward to collaborating with fellow IPSF-PARO members and organizations to showcase the amazing accomplishments in pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences in this region.”

Regional Relations Subcommittee
Mr. Jose Pablo Zúñiga
Association: FECOEF, Costa Rica

“Hi, my name is Jose Pablo and I am from Costa Rica, I am a graduate from Universidad de Costa Rica. My relationship with IPSF started two years ago, when I decided it was time to do something new, a new experience. That’s how I met the student exchange program. My idea was to visit another country, to grow academically, learn about other cultures, and so, but I did not know that trip was going to give me more than that. On it I learned more things about the organization itself, and also about the dedicated people that is behind its work, it was truly an amazing experience. After that experience, I thought IPSF message had to be transmitted. I felt the same emotion at the 13th PARS which was celebrated in Costa Rica this year. All of this brought to my mind I wanted to participate in a more active way, and so here I am. I am looking forward to contribute in everything that I can in order to exalt the pharmaceutical profession and help more students to get involved with the IPSF community. Greetings and always happy to help”

Mr. Juan I. Flores Roig
Association: AEFRA, Argentina

“Hello everyone, I’m Juan I. Flores Roig I live in San Luis, Argentina. I am finishing my Pharmacy career at the National University of San Luis. I really knew IPSF when we organized the 9th PARS in San Luis (2015) and then the 64th World Congress in Mendoza (2018) and I was Official Delegate in the PARS of Mexico (2017), Peru (2018) and Costa Rica (2019) . I am finishing my second term as President of AEFRA. And finally, I am happy to be able to start this challenge again, knowing the Pan American Regional Office a little more. My main objective will be to spread and transmit the spirit of IPSF. I appreciate the opportunity. Viva la pharmacie!”

Ms. Liliana Torres
Association: FECOEF, Costa Rica

“Hi! My name is Liliana Torres and I’m from El Salvador, but now live in Costa Rica and I am part of FECOEF. Currently, I am studying pharmacy at Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. My history within IPSF started a year ago, I was part of the reception committe of the PARS 2019. My first PARS was an incredible experience and I fell in love with IPSF. I am so excited and wish I could help other associations to be part of the IPSF family. Viva la Pharmacie.”

Mr. Matheus Lopes

Association: FEBRAF, Brazil

“Hello!! My name is Matheus Lopes, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Brasil. Currently, I’m studying the last semester of pharmacy undergraduate. I knew more about IPSF and PARO between 2018 and 2019, Especially now, in 2019, as I had the great opportunity to attend the 13th PARS in San José. In this year I started the formation of the federation of my country, with a lot of work we were approved as new IPSF MiA. I believe that with this experience I can contribute a lot to this wonderful family that is the IPSF, in order to unite the associations already present in PARO and help new associations to join. I admit that I am super anxious, new challenges will come and we will be ready for them. See you in Cusco in 2020, Viva La Pharmacie!”

Regional Projects subcommittee
Ms. Laura Pérez
Humanitarian Sub-coordinator
Association: FEFARMEX, Mexico
Hi to everyone! My name is Laura Pérez and I’m so proud for to be part to commite of health public on IPSF.
I’m studying Pharmacy in BUAP University and I am part in FEFARMEX. I love my bachelor because I can connect Differents areas and create new proyects to development to sciences, diffusion and promote to health, innovation and strategics planning to be able better scope hospitalary pharmaceutical. Also I to be able for increase my skills and abilities in pharmacy. Actually, I’m in charge to vampire coup and together going to archive to end the stigmas and tabúes about blood donation. I’m addition, Increase new links and make strategies of participation. It improves plains and programs for help to poblation.
Mr. Emmanuel Antonio Ortiz Saldivar
Pharmacy Education Sub-coordinator
Association: FEFARMEX, Mexico
“My name is Emmanuel Antonio. I am from Mexico and I belong to the FEFARMEX association, I am currently a pharmacist graduated from the Autonomous University of Guerrero and I have a master’s degree in molecular medicine that I completed at the Autonomous University of the State of Morelos. My first PARS I attended was in San José, Costa Rica 2019. Where you can have a great academic and social experience and meet many people from different countries, after that I was motivated by the different projects that PARO raised during that year, since I decided to run this year for the pharmaceutical education subcommittee and share my knowledge and ideas with the PARO working group so that they can be transmitted to new generations as future professionals in the different areas of pharmaceutical sciences.”
Mr. Pierre Ludens Osselyn
Professional Development Sub-coordinator

Association: AHEP, Haiti

“Hello Everyone! My name is Pierre Ludens OSSELYN – 23 years old, I am currently taking my last year of pharmacy at Faculté de Médecine et de Pharmacie de l’Université d’État d’Haïti. I have worked during the past 3 years with my national association AHEP, but this is my first time in an IPSF subcommittee, I am also the current SEO from AHEP, and I am also the coordinator executive of my association, so I hope we can do a lot of great things together this year to keep growing this beautiful profession. Viva la pharmacie!“

Ms. Rhea Soltau
Public Health Sub-coordinator
Association: APhA-ASP, USA
“Hello, my name is Rhea Soltau and I am a third-year Doctor of Pharmacy student at the University of Houston College of Pharmacy in Houston, Texas. Global medicine has been my passion since before entering pharmacy school. Upon entering pharmacy school I was excited to learn that IPSF existed to provide students opportunities to experience pharmacy on a global scale and begin learning about our role in global healthcare. During the summer, I helped open a free diabetes clinic in the Philippines to provide a year’s worth of medications, supplies, education, and support to 100 patients. This experience, in addition to my Student Exchange in England, gave me a much deeper understanding of how much a pharmacist’s knowledge is needed in many different settings. I am excited to spend the next year building upon the hard work past Public Health Subcommittee members have accomplished, educating pharmacy and non-pharmacy individuals on the role of pharmacists on a global and local scale and learning from other pharmacy students around the world!”
Translations and Communications Subcommittee
Association: AHEP, Haïti

“Hello team! I am Shella JEAN-FRANÇOIS, I was born in Haiti. I’m in AHEP. I am in my fourth year of pharmacy at the State University of Haïti.I knew the IPSF when I was in the second year, that’s where my history started with it, at the time a lot of pharmacist students talked a lot about that at the faculty but AHEP was not yet part of. Today I am part of the translation sub-committee and I am very excited to meet this new family, work hard with them and contributing to the advancement of pharmacy. Long live the pharmacy! My dream is to be one of the important players in the pharmaceutical world and participate fully in its development in Haïti and around the world.”

Mr. Hugo Napán
Association: APEFYB, Peru

“My name is Hugo Napán and I am from Perú. I am studying Pharmacy and Biochemistry at the National University of San Marcos. I have been in my association (APEFYB) since 2017, I always been helping in the SEP TEAM of APEFYB, this year as a LEO. Last year I had the opportunity to go to the 64th IPSF World Congress in Mendoza Argentina and this year I decided to learn more about IPSF. That is why I recently become part of the team of Translations and Communications of PARO to improve my skills in the language of English and work with different people of PARO to learn from all its members of this wonderful family of IPSF. Viva la Pharmacie!”

Mr. Joseph Kerby
Association: AHEP/PHARMINFOS, Haïti

“My name is Joseph Kerby, student in pharmacy at FMP (faculté de médecine et de pharmacie) of the ueh (université d’état d’Haïti). Member of AHEP and PHARMINFOS Haïti, it’s our first year of experience with IPSF,it’s a pleasure for us and we’ll work together for more experiences and results about IPSF goals”

Ms. Francesca Gutierrez

Association: APhA-ASP, USA

“Hi everyone! My name is Francesca Gutierrez, I am originally from Chile, and I am a 4th year pharmacy student at University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Denver, Colorado, USA. I have been involved with IPSF on a school chapter level since my first year where I started out as a committee member, then moved on to serving as a committee co-chair, and finally serving as International Vice President last year. Im excited to be a part of the PARO Translations and Communications subcommittee to help spread the word about the amazing things all our member organizations are doing!

Ms. Noelia Arce Rodríguez
Association: FECOEF, Costa Rica

“Hello, my name is Noelia Arce, I course the third year in the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Universidad de Costa Rica and I’m part of Costa Rican Students Pharmacy Federation (FECOEF) in the Publication and Media Commission. Currently, I’m working in the Translations and Communications Subcommittee of IPSF representing my country and I’m trying to do my best, which for me is the most important aspect. This has been a great experience because it helps me to foment and inspirit my pharmacy passion and obtain new knowledge having interaction with other countries, realizing the importance of this kind of structures. I think pharmacy students need to encourage themselves, believe in what they can achieve and internalize the importance of mental health, a topic that needs to be promoted.”

Ms. Faïmi Darha BELLERICE

Association: AHEP, Haïti

“Hi my name is Faïmi Darha BELLERICE and i am a member of AHEP  from Haiti. I am a 3rd year pharmacy student in the State University of Haiti College of Medicine and Pharmacy.
As a member of the translation and communication subcommittee i am looking forward to help as i can to improve the efficiency of the team.


Ms. Anaís da Silva Marques

Association: FEBRAF, Brazil

“Hi!! I’m Naná from FEBRAF, Brazil!! I’m 20 years old and going to my fourth graduation year at University of São Paulo. IPSF entered my life in 2019, when FEBRAF was created and applied to MiA. I had the chance to be at the13th PARS in San José, Costa Rica, with all costs paid by my University. That was such an incredible experience to get to know all the federations of PARO and their members…I have no words to say what it feels like…I fell in love with PARO and IPSF. Now, I’m the FEBRAFs SEO and a member in PARO’s translation subcommittee, so I’m expecting to have a lot of work and opportunities to give back all the great feelings that IPSF gave me. Let’s meet at PARS 2020 in Cuzco (I’m also dreaming about being at the World Congress in Seul)..see you there!!

Ms. Louka Thanicha Louis

Association: PHARMINFOS, Haïti

“My name is Louka Thanicha Louis . I am Haitian and i live in port au prince, Haiti. I am leading off my 4th year in pharmacy school at the Université Notre Dame d’Haiti.  I represent the pharmaceutical student federation in my country (AHEP).  I’ve had the opportunity to work as translator in humanitarian field with missionaries in my country and i am also a member of Pharminfos Haiti,  a young organization of students that sensitize people on health issues . This year , i am honoured to be a part of the TransIations and Communications Subcommittee and i am looking forward to learn and work with the team during our mandate .

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