IPSF Pan American Regional Office

Subcommittees 2020-21

Media and Publications Subcommittee
Mr. Edgar Angel Remberto

Association: AGEQFBO, El Salvador

“Hi, my name is Edgar Angel, currently I am the secretary of AGEQFBO – El Salvador, and I course my fourth year in the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy at the University of El Salvador (UES).

I like working in graphic design, and I’m quite good editing some stuffs at my computer, I studied for three years informatics at the high school, so I must say that some of these capabilities come from it.

I was part of the delegates at GA 2020 and I have been participating at the activities made by the Salvadorean CP. I truly believe that IPSF is an important organization who keeps love for the pharmacy as much as I do, that why I want to collaborate at the Media and Publications Subcommittee. Also, I’m an Ed Sheeran’s fan, and I want to become a PhD in molecular biology 🧬 “

Ms. Angela Micovic
Association: CAPSI, Canada
Hello, my name is Angela Micovic, and I am a fourth-year PharmD student at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I’m currently on practical rotations in Calgary, Alberta for my final year of school. Last year, I was the local IPSF Representative for Alberta and really enjoyed coming up with exciting fundraising events for the IPSF Health Campaign and working with other student council members. This year, I was lucky to become a part of the Media and Publications Subcommittee. I have so many fun ideas to contribute and I look forward to getting to know everybody better! Let’s create something wonderful!
Ms. Lindsay Quesada Salas
Association: FECOEF, Costa Rica

Hi! My name is Lindsay Quesada, I’m from Costa Rica and I’m in my third year of studies at Costa Rica University. I first started to get involved in IPSF in 2020 when I joined a group called “Team SEP” that focuses on promoting the Student Exchange Program in my country. I was quickly interested in IPSF as the great organization that it is and now I’m happy to be part of the Media & Publications Subcommittee at PARO. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to work with pharmacy students around the world and hopefully we will achieve great things together!

Ms. Yan wu
Association: APHA-ASP, USA 

Hi everyone, my name is Yan Wu. I am originally from Chongqing, China, and currently I am in my third year as a pharmacy student at UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy. This past summer, I completed a remote internship with FIP, which exposed me to various pharmacy education and practice across the world. I am excited to be part of Media and Publication subcommittees of IPSF PARO, to continue my passion in advocating the profession at a global level. I am looking forward to working with everyone in the IPSF team and making impacts worldwide.
Ms. Anais da Silva Marques
Association: FEBRAF, Brazil

“Hi !! I’m Naná from FEBRAF, Brazil !! I’m 21 years old and going to my fifth graduation year at University of São Paulo. IPSF entered my life in 2019, when FEBRAF was created and applied to MiA. I had the chance to be at the13th PARS in San José, Costa Rica, with all costs paid by my University. That was such an incredible experience to get to know all the federations of PARO and their members… I have no words to say what it feels like… I fell in love with PARO and IPSF. Last year I was in the Translations and Communications Subcommittee and now, I’m in a new challenge in the media and publications subcommittee of PARO. Hope we all have a great year working together! “

Mr. Hugo Franco Napán
Association: APEFYB, Perú

Hello! My name is Hugo Napán and I am from APEFYB-PERÚ. I am studying Pharmacy and Biochemistry at the National University of San Marcos. I am the actual Student Exchange Officer of my association and I have been involved with IPSF since I went to my first World Congress in Mendoza Argentina. I fell in love with all the things that IPSF does around the world, the campaigns, the projects, and also give us the opportunity to know more about our career and all the things we could do as a pharmacist. I am very excited to help my Pan American Regional Office at this time in the Media and Publications Subcommittee and learn more about IPSF. Long live the Pharmacie!

Regional Relations Subcommittee
Mr. Juan Antonio Bernier Piñeiro
Association: APHA-ASP, USA

Hi! My name is Juan Antonio Bernier Piñeiro, I am a member of the APhA-ASP Chapter of the University of Puerto Rico. I was introduced to IPSF through the Student Exchange Program and since then I have been passionate about the different roles and the importance of the pharmacy profession worldwide. I believe in international unity of pharmacy and as part of the Regional Relations Subcommittee I plan to work toward this unity.

Ms. Melissa Kieley
Association: CAPSI, Canada

“Hello! My name is Melissa Kieley and I’m a 4th year pharmacy student at Memorial University of Newfoundland. This year I’m excited to be joining the Regional Relations Subcommittee! My experience with IPSF started during my first year of university when I acted as a Local Exchange Officer / IPSF representative at my school for two years. To continue my work with IPSF, I then became the Contact Person for CAPSI during the 2019-2020 year and am now currently CAPSI’s Student Exchange Officer. I look forward to working within PARO and with the rest of my subcommittee members this year! ”

Mr. Lukas Gallegos
Association: ANEQyF, Chile

“My name is Lukas Gallegos, I am a last year pharmacy student at the University of Concepción in Chile, I am a person passionate about volunteer work, student leadership and pharmaceutical regulatory affairs. Since 2018 I have been the Contact Person for ANEQyF – Chile, achieving since then substantially improve the presence of ANEQyF in IPSF, getting our association to host the Pan American Regional Symposium for the year 2022, an event that will be held for the first time in our country. I am very excited for be part of Regional Relations Subcommittee, it is time to give back and help other associations to emerge, as it was slow to us when we were a younger association in this beautiful federation that makes us all grow together and break down the barriers of the pharmaceutical profession. “

Ms. Stefanie Espina

Association: OEQF, Guatemala

Hi! My name is Stefanie Espina and I’m from Guatemala. This trip of adventures with IPSF started when I was the vice-president of OEQF-Guatemala (2018-2019) and I started the process so the association can become part of this big family. This motivated me to go to 13th PARS in San José, Costa Rica and in that moment I fell in love with this Federation. I hope that more countries can join IPSF and become part of this wonderful family. Long live the pharmacie!

Mr. Lizalbe Cristian Tinco

Association: APEFYB, Perú

Hello, my name is Lizalbe Cristian Tinco Quispe and I am the national president of APEFYB-Peru at this moment. I am studying the last year of my professional career in Pharmacy and Biochemistry at Norbert Wiener Private University. I like to generate contacts for the development of the pharmaceutical profession and at the same time make friends. My history with IPSF began in 2015 thanks to my Association, I participated as an official delegate in 12th PARS Trujillo 2018, there I met many members of IPSF and all the opportunities that exist in the federation. That same year I participated in the I PARO TDC Lima 2018 and currently I am.

Graduated trainer. In 2019 I attended, again, as an official delegate to the 13th PARS Costa Rica where I lived one of the best experiences both academically and culturally.

Thanks to IPSF I met great friends and pharmaceutical professionals, I think that is what it is all about: make friends for life. My goal is for the IPSF and PARO family to grow a lot, and we are going to achieve it. I will be waiting for you at 14th PARS Cusco Peru 2021. Viva el amor, Viva the Phamacie.

Ms. Astrid Cano

Association: FEFARMEX, Mexico

“Hi, this is Astrid from FEFARMEX, México. I am a pharmacy assistant at the Hospital of High Specialty in Yucatan and secondary school Biology, Physics and Chemistry teacher. I studied Biochemical Pharmacology at the Autonomous University of Yucatán (Mexico) with a year abroad at University of Granada (Spain). I am a graduate of the Talentum-University leadership program at the Centro de Investigación y Tecencia Económica (CIDE) with a summer placement at the University of Pittsburgh and University of Carnegie-Mellon (USA). I am very grateful to be part of the IPSF team and work with other colleagues from different places ”

Regional Projects subcommittee
Mr. Pablo Hidalgo
Humanitarian Sub-coordinator
Association: FECOEF, Costa Rica
Hello! My name is Pablo Hidalgo, I’m a fourth year student at the University of Costa Rica. My first contact with the IPSF was by hosting students, since then I have hosted seven students! I’m currently the Humanitarian Subcoordinator (H-SubC) and Student Exchange Officer (SEO) of Costa Rica. I have participated in the 18th Regional Assembly and in the 66th General Assembly. At my local association I was the Human Rights Representative and have always helped with the organization of several congresses. My role as the Humanitarian Sub-C is mainly to provide all the help with the Vampire Cup, an internacional blood donation activity and also helping the Public Health Sub-C. My goal is to increase the awareness and implementation of the Vampire Cup. 
Ms. Yang Guo
Professional Development Sub-coordinator

Association: APHA-ASP, USA

Hello, my name is Yang Guo. I am in my final year of studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Eshelman School of Pharmacy in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. This is the first year that I am officially involved in IPSF. However, I had experience working with IPSF members during my internship at the International Pharmaceutical Federation. I was very impressed with the work of IPSF worldwide and its impact on advancing the profession of pharmacy. During my time with IPSF, I hope to organize fun and meaningful events and activities to help our members to explore the potential opportunities of pharmacists and develop skills to navigate different career paths.

Ms. María Fernanda Sánchez Romero
Public Health Sub-coordinator
Association: FECOEF, Costa Rica

Hello, my name is María Fernanda Sánchez Romero, and I am a last year pharmacy student at the University of Costa Rica. I am very pleased and excited to be part of the public health committee. Developing projects that have a positive impact on people’s health is one of my passions.

IPSF is a consolidated structure with a global scope, so I am sure that the opportunities and what we can achieve through the organisation are wide.

 I have participated in student organisations in Costa Rica. I also have experience leading projects and have been part of many activities of the federation’s portfolio. The pharmaceutical discipline represents for me a wide range of possibilities in which to perform, however, we must always maintain a common goal: the well-being of patients and populations. I am excited to spend this mandate working as a team to achieve common objectives, developing projects and empowering students and young professionals of the pharmaceutical discipline to be facilitators and providers of public health. Finally, I hope to learn a lot from people from all over the world and broaden my perspectives on what this amazing career is and what could be.

Mr. Anderson Ferreira Rossatto
Pharmacy Education Sub-coordinator
Association: FEBRAF, Brazil
Pharmacist graduated in 2017 from FMU, specialist in hospital pharmacy in cardiology from Instituto Dante Pazzanese de Cardiologia (2018), Clinical pharmacist graduated from SENAC-SP (2020), Multiprofessional resident in neonatology at Hospital Maternidade Escola da Vila Nova Cachoeirinha by the Municipal Health Secretariat of the State of São Paulo (2019- currently).
 Public Health Coordinator of the Brazilian Federation of Pharmacy Students. Pharmacy Education Subcoordinator of the International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF) – Pan-American Regional Office (PARO).
 Member of the Brazilian Society of Cardiology, European Heart Journal (Oxford Academic), National Academy of Palliative Care and the Diabetes Study and Control Group at Hospital do Rim, Universidade Federal de São Paulo.
Translations and Communications Subcommittee
Ms. Wendy Fernández
Association: OEQF, Guatemala

Hi everyone, my name is Wendy Fernández, I am from Guatemala. I’m completing my fourth year studying Pharmaceutical Chemistry in San Carlos University.  Being part of PARO means a lot to me, specially because this is the first time that my country will be part of it and we are the first representatives. I hope we all get to share about our cultures, I can guarantee you, you will love everything you get to know about Guate ❤️

Ms. Yifan Zhou
Association: CAPSI, Canada

Hey everyone! My name is Yifan Zhou, and I am a fourth year pharmacy student at the University of Toronto. I first learned about IPSF through our national pharmacy student organization, CAPSI. I love learning about how our profession in a global perspective, so I was intrigued by IPSF and how it connects the pharmacy students and recent graduates across continents. I had my first exchange experience with IPSF, where I made lifelong friendships in Angers, France. I wanted to be more involved in IPSF, so I joined the IPSF PARO Translations & Communications Subcommittee. I believe pharmacists are valuable professionals with clinical expertise, excellent communication skills, and innovative minds. I am excited to be advocating and raising awareness for our profession with IPSF!

Ms. Estefania Poggi
Association: APEFYB, Perú

“My name is Estefania poggi and I am from Perú. I am studying Pharmacy and Biochemistry at the National University San Luis Gonzaga. I have been in my association (APEFYB) since 2018, From the beginning I always been helping in the SEP TEAM of APEFYB, until this day as a LEO. I have also been part of an animal protection association since 2016, because I love service, nature and respect animals a lot. During this year I decided to learn more about IPSF. That is why I recently become part of the team of Translations and Communications of PARO to improve my skills in the language of English and work as a team with the different members of PARO. I hope to learn and contribute a lot to the association IPSF. I am very anxious for all the challenges will come, but I consider myself well preper for anything! Viva la Pharmacie!”

Ms. Maria Gonzales Chaves

Association: APhA-ASP, USA

First, I want to acknowledge that this year has been challenging for all of us because of COVID. I want to offer warm and positive greetings to everyone. Let’s collaborate and build connections!

About me, I am a current second year student at Ferris State University in Michigan, USA and I serve as the International Vice President of our school’s chapter of APhA-ASP. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the Translations and Communications subcommittee for IPSF PARO. Although this is my first venture into IPSF, I am excited to meet new people, work hard with everyone and represent IPSF PARO proudly. 

Ms. Gabrielle Gimenes Lima
Association: FEBRAF, Brazil

Hi! My name is Gabrielle Gimenes Lima, I am 21 years old, I have been a pharmacist since December 2019 at the University of Mogi das Cruzes (São Paulo), I am Founder, Vice President, Coordinator of the Department of International Relations and the Audit and Quality Indicators Committee and Contact Person of the Brazilian Federation of Pharmacy Students (FEBRAF) in Brazil. In 2019, when we founded the Federation, I had the incredible opportunity to go to the 13th PARS in Costa Rica and also to the Post PARS (participate in PARS, it’s unforgettable !!!), and I also met all the PARO federations and their members that made me more passionate about the IPSF and the pharmacy and in this, we were approved as new IPSF MiA.

I currently work at the IPSF PARO Translations & Communications Subcommittee 2020-21 and at the Pharmacy Education 20-21 Committee with a focus on the Pharmacy Advocacy subcommittee 20-21 and I was PARO Best Contact Person 2019-2020, with my management winning the Otto Focking Award.

I am extremely excited to be able to collaborate more actively and as its goals, I want to have exchanges of experiences, more professional engagement, ethically exalt the pharmaceutical profession, I also find incredible opportunities to try pharmacy on a global scale, start learning about our role in global and help more students participate in the IPSF! Viva La Pharmacie!

Mr. Kevvin Alexander Tzib

Association: OEQF, Guatemala

My name is Kevvin, I’m from Guatemala. I am currently in my fifth year of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Degree at the University of San Carlos de Guatemala. The Pharmaceutical Chemistry Student Organization (OEQF-Guatemala) recently joined IPSF and I am very happy that OEQF is part of this great family. As part of the translation committee, I hope that the information and health campaigns will reach more people in Latin America as well as raise awareness of different diseases that may affect our health.


Ms. Claoudja Fayette

Association: AHEP, Haiti

I am Claoudja Fayette, 23 years old student in 3rd year of pharmacy at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the State University of Haiti. I am a member of the association of pharmacy students (AHEP) and Pharminfos Haiti.

 I am part of the translation and communication subcommittee and it makes me really happy to have been chosen to be part of this new family. I look forward to helping as much as possible to improve the efficiency of the team. 

Ms. Ximena Tordoya

Association: APEFYB, Perú

Hello, my name is Ximena Tordoya, I´m in my fourth year of studying Pharmacy and Biochemistry and I´ve been working with the Peruvian Pharmacy and Biochemistry Students Association (APEFyB) since 2018 and I´m currently part of the PARO Translations Subcommittee. Over the time I´ve been in the association, I´ve had the change to meet people from all over the world and interact with them about what their experiences studying the career in their countries is like, as well as participating of one national congress. During my time in the PARO Subcommittee I hope to make the information about IPSF available for more students who might not understand english and get to work and know my team.

Ms. Claudia da Silva

Association: FEBRAF, Brazil

“Hello!!!  My name is Ideane Claudia da Silva, and I’m in my third year of studies in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Universidade Potiguar (UnP), in Natal, in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. Currently, I am secretary of the Brazilian Federation of Pharmacy Students (FEBRAF) and a member of TransIations and Communications Subcommittee at Pan American Regional Office, of IPSF.

I got to know IPSF through FEBRAF’s disclosures about online events, I was delighted with the whole organization, and so I decided to collaborate with through PARO.

I am very happy to be able to help the IPSF family and hope to participate in the face-to-face events as soon as possible! Viva la Pharmacie! “

Ms. Yu Chen Zhu

Association: CAPSi, Canada

Hello, my name is Yu Chen Zhu, I am a member of the Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns (CAPSI). Considering my Chinese origins, growing up in Montreal made me into a fully trilingual and open-minded person. I am a third year pharmacy student at Laval University, where I have been involved with IPSF initially as a junior representative, then I moved on this year as a senior representative. It is my pleasure to be part of the PARO Translations and Communications subcommittee, I look forward to achieving many goals with my team!

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