IPSF’s Pharmacy Education (PE) portfolio aims to empower pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences students and recent graduates to use their collective voice to create meaningful impacts on local, regional, and global pharmacy education. The Pharmacy Education Newsletter (PEN) and Phuture magazine are IPSF publications in which students, recent graduates, academics, and professionals contribute articles and educational and scientific topics. For more information on PE advocacy, please visit the official page here. Any questions on the PE portfolio may be directed to the Chairperson of Pharmacy Education at [email protected].

Recent graduates can fill out the following form about their careers and how they managed to obtain their current job. This will be especially useful for current student pharmacists who are thinking about their future careers and need some guidance on how to attain their goals.

Student pharmacists can complete the survey found below to showcase their school to all of PARO. If you love your school and want to highlight what makes it unique, please fill out the survey!

Young Researchers Forum

IPSF Publications

This forum is created with the aim to give young pharmacist student the opportunity to create link with another students researchers all around the world.

IPSF produces and distributes an array of publications during the year to disseminate our member associations’ activities and provide an outlook on past and current projects.