IPSF strives to provide pharmaceutical students around the globe with avenues to broaden their knowledge and strengthen their professionalism. IPSF’s Professional Development (PD) portfolio hosts diverse activities to reinforce students’ skills and abilities. PARO members are encouraged to get involved in training camps and professional development events. All questions concerning PD events and training opportunities may be directed to the Chairperson of Professional Development at [email protected].

IPSF hosts both individual and team-based online and live Clinical Skills Events (CSEs). For more information, please contact CSE at [email protected]

Leaders in Training (LIT) teaches the leadership skills required in global health settings. For more information, please contact the Training Coordinator at [email protected]

Trainers Development Camp (TDC) equips members with the necessary skills to become IPSF Trainers. Trainers are able to deliver trainings at IPSF events, such as Leaders in Training (LIT), workshops, and conferences.

The Patient Counseling Event (PCE) is held yearly and provides members the chance to showcase their counseling skills. For more information, please contact PCE Coordinator at patientcounsellin[email protected]

The Pharmacy Profession Advocacy Campaign (PPAC) aims to educatie the general public, policy makers, and other health care professionals about the role of the pharmacist in a healthcare team.

The Compounding Event (CE) tests members’ compounding skills and serves to increase their exposure to the field of industry pharmacy compounding. For more info, please contact the CE Coordinator at [email protected]