GA in WC The Neteherlands!! ACEQF Official delegates
Virginia Commonwealth University APhA-ASP, USA
Western University of Health Sciences College of Pharmacy, teamed up with LAMBDA to organize a great World AIDS Awareness Day!
ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting 2013
1° Congreso Argentino de Estudiantes de Farmacia : C.A.E.F.
University of Kansas School of Pharmacy, APhA-ASP, U.S.A
Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health
PARO at World Congress 2013
IPSF at World Health Assembly 2014
World Diabetes Day campaign at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (APhA-ASP, U.S.A.)
Notre Dame of Maryland School of Pharmacy, APhA-ASP, U.S.A
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, APhA-ASP, U.S.A
IPSF flipflops!
1° Congreso Argentino de Estudiantes de Farmacia : C.A.E.F.

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A Thank you Message…

From the bottom of our hearts, the IPSF PARO Regional Working Group 2013-2014…

Lucas Ercolin – Chairperson (Brazil)
Grace Chun – Secretary (U.S.A.)
Hend Barry – ICCO (U.S.A.)
Barbara Villela – Regional Projects Officer (Brazil)
Jorge Schlottke – Regional Relations Officer (Argentina)
Ana Tereza Cruz – PARS Chairperson (Brazil)

…would like to thank everyone for this incredible year! It has truly been a pleasure to work for you!

Thank you to all of the dedicated PARO IPSFer’s for your participation throughout the year and for your excitement for our activities!

The 2014-2015 RWG has officially taken over the reign on October 1st and we want to wish them the BEST of luck for this next year!! You’re definitely in good hands PARO!

Viva La Pharmacie!

10590470_10204521048362210_6758498108155135499_n RWG Group Pic

Regional Working Group 2014-2015

We are proud to announce the new Regional Working Group for the 2014-2015 mandate. We know you will all do great work in the Pan American Regional Office of IPSF! Click here for bios of the new RWG.

Chairperson of the Pan American Regional Office
Mr. Angel Acosta, United States of America

Ms. Dayl Eccles, United States of America

Regional Media and Publications Officers (RMPO)
Ms. Sara DiTursi, United States of America

Regional Relations Officer (RRO)
Mr. Lucas Ercolin, Brazil

Regional Projects Officer (RPO)
Ms. Jessica Zook, United States of America

Chairperson of the 9th IPSF Pan American Regional Symposium
Mr. Jorge Schlottke, Argentina


BLOG POST! 67th World Health Assembly


It has been about one month since I returned from an amazing opportunity to attend the World Health Assembly (WHA) in Geneva, Switzerland. If that was not excitement enough for the normal person, I was also moving back to Brazil from an internship in Costa Rica, making a pit stop in Atlanta, USA. Now, I can finally breath and tell you about my experience.

Although the event was in May, the preparation technically started in January with the application to be part of the IPSF delegation. Around March the results were out and then the real work began. I split my time between discussing logistics with Ms. Sheena Patel (Chairperson of Public Health), trying to work on policy statements with Mr. Dusan Jasovsky (Policy Coordinator) and of course, all other aspects of life.

For me, working on policy statements and interventions was definitely the hardest part of my duties as Regional Projects Officer and as part of the WHA delegation. It had crossed my mind a few times that I simply did not have the skills for it but after hearing all our statements being read to all those representatives of different countries, it just fuels me to overcome this issue. I feel that sometimes we, as people and as organizations, forget that while we may do great things, putting them on paper is also a big part of showing ourselves.

Now, writing these interventions might have been hard but it did not make for a dull moment. Truth be told, for me, there was hardly a dull moment during the event. It might be my personality but everything just seemed so incredible. We had the chance to see amazing speakers such as Dr Margaret Chan (Director-General of WHO) and Melinda Gates (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) as well as less known but not less amazing participants presenting in the many side-events attended.

Apart from side-events, we also attended the Committee A and Committee B meetings where representatives of member states discussed and voted on relevant topics, for instance, noncommunicable diseases. While sometimes repetitive, the highlight of these meetings for me were to see my country “in action”. Here in Brazil there are strong criticisms to our government and representatives in general but there I got to witness first hand that our representatives are doing a good job and that they are participating in the global scenario. It was also during these meetings that our policy interventions, mentioned before, were read.

We also got to see “in action” many of our IPSF representatives such as Ms. Sheena Patel and Mr. Jakub Weber (Chairperson of External Relations) in their hunt for new partners and new contacts. Just amazing work. While I am yet not very comfortable with searching for these news business connections, I did get to discuss some ideas with many members of the Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health IFMSA delegation. Who knows that the future holds for us right?

Finally, but not less important, we had great experiences as a delegation. I try to follow the idea that while we should work very hard and make the most of these events we take part in, we should always make time for getting to know one another and having a good time. This makes for friends (and why not, business contacts) for life, it makes memories for life.

If you have any further questions please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me in rpo@paro.ipsf.org.

Ms. Barbara Villela

IPSF PARO Regional Projects Officer 2013-14

IPSF Flip Flops

Flip flop promotion for world congress in porto

If you didn’t win the IPSF Flip Flop Contest but still want a pair? Then its your lucky day!

***IPSF Flip Flops will be sold at the IPSF World Congress this summer in PORTO!***

The best memories are made in IPSF flip flops, dont miss out!!

- Price: $15 Euros (paid in cash at the congress, no pre-order)
- All sizes available!


1º Jornadas de AEFRA Regional Chaco


The 1º Jornadas de AEFRA Regional Chaco happened one month ago in Chaco, Argentina. At this conference, pharmacy students of AEFRA organized an activity over two days that had 180 people attending. The topic of the conference was narcotic trafficking and drugs. AEFRA also organized two social events to improve the ties between all the participants.


I had the opportunity to personally offer one workshop about “Team Work,” as well as one conference providing information about IPSF and specifically our activities in PARO such as our public health campaigns and the Pan American Regional Symposium. I showed the participants pictures of the past activities of the Federation like the last World Congress in Utrecht and the LIT Program.


It was an unforgettable experience because AEFRA Regional Chaco is still so young and it was great to see how the organizers did such great work. They all have good potential as leaders and they know the way to organize great events. AEFRA is growing, and as AEFRA grows so will IPSF in Argentina.


PARO Healthy Living Campaign 2014

Post 5 of 5: Health while studying and Healthy Living

- English -
“Each day the exams and tests are getting closer. How to stay healthy while studying? Check for some tips from Mr. Lucas Ercolin, Chairperson of PARO” #HealthyLivingPARO

- Spanish -
Cada día los examenes y las pruebas están más cerca. ¿ Cómo mantenernos saludables mientras estudiamos? Mira algunos tips de Mr. Lucas Ercolin, Chairperson of PARO” #HealthyLivingPARO

- Portuguese -
“A cada dia as provas ficam mais próximas. Como se manter saudável durante os estudos? Cheque algumas dicas do Mr. Lucas Ercolin, Chairperson of PARO” #HealthyLivingPARO


Hello IPSFers,

Studying occupies a big part of our time during the graduation and, even on the most stressful moments, some health tips can be used to improve the study and to overcome the worst tests.

dont panic

Source: http://www.kelvinye.co.uk/

1. DON’T PANIC (Or panic once): The best advice from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” also applies here. Panicking will never help. It will take your time, that you should use to study, during the panic explosion, or it will stress you enough to make the study time harder. However, if it is impossible to avoid panicking, do it only on the beginning.
2. Sleep well: A good relation with your bad is crucial and cheating it because of the tests is not a good idea. Memory and concentration depend on your sleep time and if you cannot pay attention or remember anything, you are going anywhere.
3. Drink water: Coffee, sugar and cream become the main students’ friend during the hard times. However:
a. Caffeine is diuretic, that will take your study time to use the toilet,
b. Its abuse may led you to lose the concentration, more time to understand less
c. Increases the irritability, who have the test are you, not the people around you.
d. Affects you sleep. Enough said.
Drinking water will rehydrate and help your body to eliminate toxins, with no side effects… Unless you have too much, than you will have to go more times to the toilet.
4. Eat Healthy: In Brazil, we have proverb: “Empty Bag Can Not Stand” (“Saco vazio não para em pé”) – It means that without food, you will be weak, and if you need to be strong to defeat the tests, you shall be strong. Eat well and healthy.
fingerSource: http://www.vivaboo.com/perfect-time-for-a-sunbath/

5. Take a break, if you need: If you work on the last points, you should see that we have bed break, food break and toilet time. All of them optimized to help you with the study. But is usual to get saturated, and the best option is to take a fast break to have a relation with the external world. Having a sun bath is a good choice, but always with a time to go back to the books.

Lucas Ercolin
Chairperson of PARO 2014-2015

Leadership Positions in PARO 2014-2015

be inspired

Source: www.charleysdecks.com


Below is the link for the official Call for PARO Positions for the term of 2014-2015. This document contains important detailed information regarding each position and the time commitment requirements. If you have any further questions please email icco@paro.ipsf.org, Thank you!

A Catastrophe Happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia


Dear IPSF friends,

A catastrophe of Biblical proportions is happening to the people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Serbia. Floods have devastated houses, villages, towns, and cities. There have been over a million people affected. Several towns are almost entirely under water.

The danger of further floods is still present, and will be for another few days. For now, over 100,000 people had to leave their homes, over 25,000 have been evacuated in the past 72 hours, and the situation with missing people and casualties is still unclear, although the numbers are rapidly rising. This is considered to be the worst flood in the history. The situation is so dramatic, that entire families have lost their homes in the floods. The hard part is still ahead – cleaning and restoration of cities and return people to their homes. Three nations that were at war only 20 years ago, now are working together to minimize the consequences of this natural disaster.

Our question is: Can we ALL be united? Can we organize one huge humanitarian action across the world? Pharmacy students in Macedonia and Slovenia already had such actions of collecting all kind of donations – money, clothes, food… Even a little can make a big difference.

Please let me know what do you think. If you are interested of organizing it, all collected donations should be given to the Red Cross and I would be thankful if you could inform me about the outcomes of actions.

You can also help by spreading the word on social networks. You can see below the links for donations from abroad.

http://helpserbia.com/ (PayPal and wire donations)
Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Wire donations): http://www.rcsbh.org/novosti/207-urgent-appeal-for-help
Croatian Red Cross (Online payment, Wire payment):http://www.hck.hr/en/page/emergency-appeal-for-flood-affected-areas-in-croatia-415
Serbian Red Cross (Wire donations):http://www.redcross.org.rs/arhiva__2441
Please, share the information within your friends and colleagues and help our countries to overcome this situation.
You can follow the information on facebook:https://www.facebook.com/helpforserbia

Thank you,
Isidora Tošić,
Contact Person of NAPSer – National Association of Pharmacy Students – Serbia

For More Information Visit:http://www.napser.org/index.php/component/content/article/86-glavni-meni/245-support-the-balkans